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Chillfactor Slushy Maker Magic Freez' (random color) [Slush, slushee]

Chillfactor Slushy Maker Magic Freez' (random color)

 [Slush, slushee]

Free gift with a minimum shopping basket of SFr. 90.-.

Colour changing cup for the making of slush ice cream.

Making slush ice cream yourself with the Magic Freez Slushy Maker is quite simple: First of all, the Slushy Maker has to be thoroughly frozen. To do this, place the inner cup (cooling element) in the freezer or in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator for at least as long until it feels hard or at least firm. Then put all the pieces together and fill in your favourite drink. The liquid should already be at refrigerator temperature. Leave it for a while. Then just put on the lid and you're ready to go: With the inclueded spoon, scrape ice crystals from the sides while lightly kneading, and in no time your slushy will be ready. Surprising: The cup changes colour when freezing as well as when holding!

- Capacity of 240 ml.
- Including lid and stirring straw.
- Colour changes when freezing and when holding the cup.
- Easy to clean.
- Please note: it is delivered assorted in colour (Random colour).