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disc brake rotor Magura Storm HC

Disc brake rotor Magura Storm HC

item found in more than one category: [2016 Parts] [Brake Components]

SFr. 29.71 (EUR 25.61)

129g (160mm, weighed, without bolts)
142g (180mm, weighed, without bolts)
173g (203mm, weighed, without bolts)

The new Storm HC rotor, made for DH to All Mountain use, is the best choice for the use on Trial bikes.
The high load-bearing capacity and heat resistance are achieved by a special steel alloy, which is why these discs do not bend so easily when they come into contact with obstacles.
Suitable for the MT series models and also compatible with older Magura disc brakes.

- 1 x brake disc Magura Storm HC
- 6 x Magura Torx T25 screw

Manufacturer part number: 2700928 2700929 2700930