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rim Spank Spike Race 33 24"

Rim Spank Spike Race 33 24"

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SFr. 78.92 (EUR 68.04)

430g (weighed)
Super light and strong double wall rim with the 'BeadBite' system, used by Danny MacAskill and the Drop and Roll Team, for all wheels of 24" Street-Trialbikes or for front wheels of Trialbikes, if the comparatively narrow rim width is sufficient and a very stable rim is desired.
- Dynamal aluminium construction offers optimum weight and stability.
- The patented 'Ooh-Bah' rim profile extrusion is the key to the stiffness and strength of the Subrosa Spike rim - the rim bed has a convex instead of the usual concave shape.
- The rim joint is neither welded nor joined with pins, but pinned with a tube. This avoids load peaks.
- 'BeadBite' means a precisely fitting, ribbed zone under the tyre bead that holds the tyre tighter in the rim bed.
- In addition, the 'BeadBite' system seals most tires almost airtight, which is why in the event of a puncture, the air only escapes many minutes later, allowing you to drive home before the air escapes.

Width: 33mm
Holes: 32
Colour: black matte anodised with laser engraved graphics on both sides.